Update on A2 Motorcycle riding test

Changes to vocational driving licence acquisition and the motorcycle riding test

The regulations to change the rules on engine capacity for motorcycles used for category A2 motorcycle tests and changes will come into force on 1 March 2022.

The changes that will come into force are that:

  • The Minimum Test Vehicle Requirement (MTV) for motorcycles used for the A2 test be reduced from 395cc to 245cc (provided that the other MTV requirements are still met)

The changes will be updated on GOV.UK from the 1 March 2022.

Updated list of bikes that can be used for A2 tests

These changes will benefit both the motorcycle industry and test candidates who will be able to take their test on a wider range of motorcycles.

If you are planning to upgrade your motorcycle fleet you can read the full guidance, including the changes to the minimum test vehicle requirements on GOV.UK

View the updated list of bikes that can be used for A2 test.

The list may not include every bike so if you have any questions about any that aren’t listed please emailtechnicalstandards@dvsa.gov.uk

Update on A2 Motorcycle riding test – latest news

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