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Motorcycle Instructor Training Centre (MITC) has been created by ATB (Accredited Training Body) owner Simon Hayes and Motorcycle Instructor and business owner Laura Smith. Their aim is to help new and existing motorcycle instructors improve their on-road, on-site and classroom based lessons.

The motorcycle industry has little or no resource support for instructors to utilise and most have limited or inadequate training materials. Those who are planning to attend the ‘Cardington Assessment’ (to become a CBT trainer) are often daunted by the prospect. However, this feeling can easily be remedied with the correct resources, guidance and support.

A vast range of training aids, including Training Diagrams (for practical lessons), Online Video Lessons (to help plan for Cardington) and in-depth Lesson Plans are available to ensure trainers are not left feeling overwhelmed and underprepared.

About Us

Simon Hayes

Simon has been a motorcycle instructor since 1991, his first 6 years as an instructor were spent teaching military personnel in the Army. Where he enjoyed a 100% success rate and earned a reputation for excellence in training riders on higher powered motorcycles.

Since 1996, Simon has operated a respected multi-site motorcycle training business covering Birmingham and the West Midlands. Twenty years of dedication to the highest standards of motorcycle training has forged a reputation for excellence, during this period he has seen many changes and challenges affecting the industry.

Over these two decades Simon has become an accomplished Instructor Trainer and has introduced countless new motorcycle trainers to this sector. This has been possible by the introduction of methodical training programs, lesson planning and training diagrams that has seen motorcycle instructors become more proficient in their daily role.

Some years ago he began to improve motorcycle instructors training experience, through complementary video based training programs. Through pre-course learning, trainee motorcycle instructors are able to visualise and experience motorcycle training – such that their ‘on-site’ training experience is greatly enhanced.

Simon has just one mission, that is to give trainees and existing instructors helpful resources that will elevate the user experience, giving instructors a professional platform to improve road safety to their students and customers.

Laura Smith

Laura Smith is a full-time fully qualified Motorcycle Instructor. She is also an ERS (Enhanced Rider Scheme) and Advanced Motorcycle Trainer and leads motorcycle tours in the UK and on the continent. Furthermore, she runs a motorcycle training programme specifically for women.  She helps them to build confidence and skills in a relaxed environment and at a more realistic pace for novice and nervous riders.

A successful career in Graphic Design lasted 10 years before Laura moved over to Motorcycle Instruction. Subsequently it was after her own experiences motorcycling, that she gained a passion for both rider knowledge and safety. 

Whilst training to be an instructor, she was able to reproduce and expand hand drawn diagrams, created by Simon. This helped her to understand the importance of lesson planning and delivery.  Ultimately, her students would also benefit from the opportunity to visualise what they were doing right or see what they needed to do to improve and as they say “a picture paints a thousand words”.

During an assessment at the DVSA Cardington Training Centre, Laura was shocked at the poor level of preparation by other trainers. The other trainers were unrehearsed and poorly prepared because of a lack of understanding and training material.

Laura is keen to help solve this problem by helping new and existing trainers with the use of Lesson Plans, Training Diagrams and Online Videos. Enabling trainers to have all the best tools to make training easier for them to explain and for students to understand.