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Welcome to the Home Page of Motorcycle Instructor Training Centre. This site has been designed by instructors for instructors. It is an information hub for all motorcycle instructors and for those thinking about becoming a motorcycle instructor.

Motorcycle Instructor Training Centre, has a huge amount of information and resources for professional motorcycle trainers.

Setting solid foundations

Being a motorcycle instructor is a demanding yet rewarding position. Motorcycle trainers must have proper guidance to help them on their route to becoming a successful motorcycle instructor.

Motorcycle Instructor Training Centre has a wide range of products to help all instructors carry out their of role of teaching others more effectively. These include a number of essential written resources, ranging from methods of instruction to full lesson plans and guides, along with bespoke drawings and diagrams for every lesson from Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) to the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS).

If you wish to enrol on a practical motorcycle instructor training course, that is dedicated to quality instructor training, we can guide you in the right direction.



The four different instructor certificates and qualifications are explained here (opposite right).

There are explanations and guides on the routes to becoming a qualified trainer at each level.

Down Trained Instructor CBT1

A Down-Trained motorcycle instructor qualification is issued by the motorcycle training school where the individual operates and conducts motorcycle training, for that Approved Training Body (ATB) only. This qualification allows an instructor to conduct CBT and On-Road Training to learners on smaller powered motorcycles with a capacity of not more than 125cc.

Cardington Assessed Instructor CBT1C

Once prepared, an instructor will go to Cardington – the DVSA Training Academy in Bedfordshire, to undergo a two-day assessment to become a qualified assessed motorcycle instructor. The certificate allows an instructor to carry out Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and On-Road Training on smaller powered motorcycles (not more than 125cc). It also enables an individual to train other instructors and open their own Approved Training Body if desired.

Direct Access Scheme Instructor CBT1D

For trainers who wish to teach learner riders on larger powered two-wheeled motorcycles, a three to four-hour assessment at Cardington must be undertaken. Once an instructor has passed this assessment they are fully qualified to teach learner riders at all levels.

DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme Trainer

The DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme is the first step towards advanced rider training for post-test riders. To qualify, instructors must go through the qualification process to become a DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme trainer.

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