DAS Instructor Training Package

The DAS Motorcycle Instructor assessment is said to be much easier than the CBT assessment at Chadderton. This is only if the instructor has enough experience. They can then provide well disciplined training and control students riding skills to prevent problems.

The bigger motorcycle has inherent dangers as things can go wrong very quickly, inexperienced trainers will struggle if they have not got the experience or ability to assess and control their students.

A structured approach is vital

A thorough structured training program is necessary to train learner riders on larger motorcycles. The motorcycle test criteria must be met, however should use a stepping stone approach. This process must be used to guide students to test standard. Deliberate structured training lessons must be taught, with the correct amount of practice given at each stage.

Lesson plans will help trainers to understand their role, helping to identify the needs of their students. Lesson plans are individual but it’s always a great start to have something to use as a foundation. Using existing and ready made lesson plans can be a great help to get the grey matter working. Then add your own experiences to deliver realistic advice at the right time in the training course.

Getting prepared properly

As a DAS Instructor it is important to know and understand the subject knowledge, there must be a full training period when preparing to be a DAS Instructor. There are a number of ways to get qualified, there is tailing an existing instructor to watch how they conduct themselves or you could undertake a bespoke DAS Instructor training course.

When DAS Instructors go to Chadderton to demonstrate their ability to teach learner riders on larger machines, they should be properly prepared. They can do this by practicing lessons prior to attending. Deliver lessons to other trainers and if training learner riders on 125cc machines, they could use their DAS diagrams to develop a training flow through each lesson as practice.

Having the diagrams as a training resource, is easier than trying to explain scenarios – a picture paints a thousand words. It gives the DAS Instructor a visual aid to maintain student participation and allows questions to be asked both to and from the student.

This also allows the DAS Instructor to gauge the learning level of the trainee. It also allows the trainer to pitch correctly using Client Centred Learning techniques.

Home study is vital

Trainers and students never stop learning, so it is vital to continue with development to with er teach or ride. Motorcycle Riders Hub gives a solid foundation with bespoke video training programs to help trainers and riders alike.