Routes to Becoming an ERS Instructor

What is ERS?

Enhanced Rider Scheme training is for your post-test students to learn the basics of advanced riding. Designed by the DVSA to bridge the gap between obtaining their full licence and then going on to get their advance qualification, such as a RoSPA graded badge.

Core modules and Extra modules

There are both Core modules and Extra modules for the Enhanced Rider Scheme training package. Most students will need around 3 days of training to become proficient at advanced riding.

However, this can be tailored to your student. Training days will need to be spread out over a period of time to allow your students to practice the new skills they have learned in their most recent training session with you.

Motorcycle Instructor Training Riding on the Compulsory Basic Training

There's No Test!

The good news for students, is there are no exams required to obtain an ERS certificate, but they will need to achieve a good level of basic advanced skills before they can be issued with their certificate. 

For each module they will be expected to reach a minimum standard. The marks are based on a traffic light system. If your students are not achieving the standard, they will be scoring a red and therefore will need further training. By the end of their training sessions, most, if not all of these core modules should be on green.

The core modules include:

The extra modules include:

Additional extra modules:

In most cases, students will start with the Core modules before moving on to the extra modules. If you are offering the extra modules, you must ensure you have adequate experience in those areas.
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