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Online Training Videos and CBT Resources


The full package comprises online motorcycle instructor training videos, a complete set of written lesson plans and 3 different diagram packs (Cone layout, Element E and Extra diagrams).

Lesson plans are available as a download.

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A Look Inside The Package

Online Training Videos:

Instructors gain access to a full package of CBT instructor training videos. They give instructors the ability to watch the videos in the comfort of their own home while preparing lessons. This eliminates the need to be on-site watching a CBT course being delivered. It gives instructors 24/7 access to online training videos, that can be watched at any time on any device.

Lesson Plans:

A full set of written lesson plans is essential for a structured planned approach to delivering lessons. As a result, a methodical approach can be adopted, using the EDIP training format to deliver practical motorcycle training.

These Lesson Plans can be used as they are to deliver training, or used as a base to prepare personal lesson plans. They can also be used as a down training aid when training new instructors.

Training Diagrams:

The diagrams are vital for instructors when teaching learner riders. They give very clear and precise information to new riders, ensuring a better training program is given.

The 3 sets of training diagrams are for on-site training for cone layout, the road ride element of the CBT lessons and a further set of extra diagrams that cover more unusual hazards that riders generally negotiate. The diagrams have been designed and created by instructors for instructors.

Element A

Element B

Element C

Element D

Element E




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