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Motorcycle Instructor Training Videos CBT


Originally developed to help military personnel become motorcycle instructors. Because of the feedback we have made them available to everyone.

Save hours of time stood watching live CBT training. Watch the videos over and over again in comfort, 24/7 on any device. Make notes while watching and plan your own bespoke lessons.

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Once purchased these videos will be available to view via your dashboard in your account.

A bespoke product containing Motorcycle Instructor training videos for CBT. When new motorcycle trainers learn to become instructors, it can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. It is difficult to remember the whole CBT delivery when preparing lesson plans at home, after watching a live CBT course.

That’s where the videos help as they can be paused, rewound and replayed to watch and listen to the same lesson time after time. This is essential when planning lesson delivery in the comfort of your own home.

The online CBT video lessons show the four structured phases of each lesson: An Explanation of the lesson and what should be done; a Demonstration phase where the actual exercise is shown to the student; an Imitation phase where the student copies what has been demonstrated, with fault finding and Instruction given to rectify faults; and finally a Practice phase before a final debrief.

The videos can be watched in the comfort of your own home at any time. It eliminates the need to be stood on the CBT pad day after day watching a CBT being conducted. The online lessons are delivered in full and can be stopped, rewound or played over again while preparing lesson plans. It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing outside, the videos can be watched 24/7 on any device.

For new trainers who are just getting started. If you can’t commit to regular instructor training days attending CBT Courses, this is an ideal way to gain knowledge. The CBT Videos show every part of the lesson delivery, watching the videos will give you a head start when preparing to deliver your own lessons.

The online motorcycle instructor training videos should be used in conjunction with the CBT Lesson Plans. For all the CBT training resources to be added, purchase the Full Package – Online training videos and CBT resources. This gives the most comprehensive instructor training guide in the UK.

See below for a full guide of the lessons that have to be delivered by the instructor, during the Compulsory Basic Training course. There are training resources for every lesson that an instructor needs to learn and deliver to learner riders.

Element A

Element B

Element C

Element D

Element E


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