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Motorcycle Instructor DAS Training Diagrams


A structured pack of diagrams for every lesson in the Direct Access Scheme (DAS) syllabus. 

The diagrams are designed to be used at Cardington when delivering the On-Road Training session and are also ideal when delivering learner training.

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Motorcycle Instructor DAS Lesson Diagrams are the perfect training aids. They help motorcycle instructors in their day to day training, giving a pictorial view of the hazards that students encountered.

It allows DAS motorcycle instructors the ability to go straight to a drawing and give advice on how to negotiate junctions, roundabouts and other hazards. By having a ready-made set of pictures, it eliminates the need for students to try and imagine what the instructor is talking about. To learner riders a picture paints a thousand words, it helps visualise what is required of them.

When conducting any motorcycle tuition, a DAS lesson plan is vital to establish what will be taught. By using the lesson plans and diagrams in conjunction with each other, a full lesson delivery can be achieved. It is essential to use diagrams and pictures when teaching road position and addressing riding faults during on road Direct Access Scheme training.

The diagrams are bespoke to the lesson headings that are used in the DAS Assessment. Each set of lesson diagrams displays essential pictorial views of different scenarios that are encountered during On-Road training. They help trainers stay on track with the subject matter, helping to ensure that everything is covered during presentations.

The Motorcycle Instructor DAS lesson diagrams have been designed by fully qualified motorcycle instructors for instructors. They cover all the On-Road elements of the DAS Assessment and include the following lessons:

Session 3 - On-Road Assessment


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