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Instructor Training Methods Guide


The Methods of Instruction document can be used by new and existing instructors.

It gives instructional information on how instructors can deliver motorcycle training more effectively.

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Using the document will highlight different instructional methods that are sometimes overlooked. The Instructor Training Methods guide can be used to help develop lesson plans and training notes to ensure students are given the correct information in the correct way.

The Instructor Training Methods guide gives a step by step process. Giving instructors a methodical way of preparing to teach rider training. By understanding the principals and techniques used as a trainer the rest will fall into place.

Maintaining the desire to learn even when training become stale and unproductive, is an important section to understand. There can be times when learner riders hit a learning plateau, this is when instructors need to understand how to overcome hurdles.

The preparation and planning is vital for good education, using CBT Lesson Plans and CBT Diagrams will help enormously. The planning and preparation phase takes the longest amount of time, as it is where most learning takes place for instructors.

The CBT Videos can play an important role to new instructors, they give detailed lesson delivery using an EDIP methodical process. It stands for Explanation, Demonstration, Imitation and Practice. These techniques are simple and effective once understood and mastered.

Instructors must understand how to use effective questioning techniques as well and confirming that learning is taking place. One size does not fit all students, there has to be a structured training plan in place for learner riders to learn effectively.

The selection and use of aids is vital in any learning environment. A picture paints a thousand words, by using proper lesson plans and instructors will get the best out of their students.

The Chapters in the Document Include:


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