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The Display Folder is an ideal way to store and protect motorcycle training diagrams. Ideal for keeping the diagrams in good condition and also weatherproof.

The storage compartments are double sided clear view. This enables the diagrams to be stored back to back for easy access and perusal.

Different colour soluble markers can be used during theoretical training. Extremely good when explaining road position while negotiating different road hazards. After wiping clean, the diagrams are ready to use time and again.

Depending on the product chosen, there are a number of display folders available, with different amount of pockets to store lesson diagrams.

It is recommended that all the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) diagrams are stored in a larger sleeved display folder (60 or 80 pages). Whereas purchasing individual sets will require smaller display folders (20 or 40 pages).

The Direct Access Scheme (DAS) diagrams require more sleeves. This is because there are a large amount of diagrams (80 or 100pages).


Folder Size

20 Page, 40 Page, 60 Page, 80 Page, 100 Page


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