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DAS Instructor Training Package


This full package includes DAS lesson plans, DAS syllabus lesson diagrams and extra On-Road Training diagrams. 

A perfect and essential starter pack and training aid for DAS instructors.

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Immediate Download & Hard Copies Posted

The Lesson Plans and Methods of Instruction, that form part of this product is downloadable and will be available immediately after purchase. A hard copy of the training diagrams will be posted.

The DAS Instructor Training package is ideal for trainers who do not have all the resources. To become a DAS Instructor, they are an ideal starter pack and are essential for the DVSA Assessment.

The full DAS Instructor training package contains DAS lesson plans, a complete set of DAS Lesson Diagrams and the On-Road Extra diagrams.

The training diagrams are just part of the tool kit for existing instructors. It enables them to give thorough instruction at the roadside when discussing riding issues. To learner riders a picture paints a thousand words, this gives exact instruction on road position and other riding mistakes.

The DAS Lesson Plans are essential for preparing for the DVSA DAS Assessment. Or they can be used as a point of reference for existing instructors who do not have any training aids or diagrams.

A display folder is vital to keep the diagrams weatherproof. It enables instructors to mark or draw on the diagrams to highlight certain issues, while giving guidance to students.

The lesson plans and training diagrams have been methodically prepared to cover the following DAS lessons:

Session 1 – Theory

Session 2 – On-Site Handling Assessment

Session 3 – On-Road Assessment


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