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CBT On-road Extras


Further to the Element E diagrams, this extra set of diagrams are used by instructors during on-road riding lessons.

They show real-life scenarios that learner riders can relate to and give further pictorial guidance for situations not covered in the CBT syllabus.

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Further useful Diagrams

The CBT On-road extras give instructors a further set of useful diagrams to add to their collection of training aids. This set of diagrams should be added to the CBT Element E diagrams to enhance the students learning experience.

There are always occasions where incidents happen that are not connected to a particular lesson. Therefore it is essential to have a ready-made product at your fingertips to help new riders improve their training experience.

The three different sets of training diagrams have been designed specifically by instructors for instructors. They have been developed over a number of years, based on the needs of students. They have been collated into different sets of essential training diagrams, they can also be purchased as a whole pack in the CBT Motorcycle Instructor Training resource along with the full CBT lesson plans.

The diagrams are a huge help when conducting the On-Road Training during the Element E road ride. They are also a huge help to demonstrate riding scenarios during post-CBT training. Especially when students are preparing for their full motorcycle test.

Help students visualise

It is extremely vital for instructors to have a point of reference when discussing mistakes and errors. This gives an ideal solution when giving instruction, instead of expecting the student to visualise a scene or scenario. This can be demanding for students to imagine a picture in their mind when it would be far easier to show and discuss a diagram.

A picture really does paint a thousand words! It has been proven over many years of putting it to the test, that learner riders retain more information when they have seen and understood the information. This allows instructors to spend more time on practical training rather than repetitively discussing scenarios.


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