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CBT Element E Diagrams


The CBT Element E training diagrams will guide you through each lesson for the on-road section of a CBT.

A useful aid when conducting lessons during the DVSA CBT Assessment. They will help to ensure nothing is missed and everything aspect of the lesson has been covered.

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During the road ride section of the Compulsory Basic Training course, there are a number of essential lessons to cover during Element E. Although individual trainers have their own way of teaching, a picture paints a thousand words. That’s where the CBT Element E training diagrams will be a useful training aid.

The Element E training diagrams should be used by instructors to give a clear explanation to customers. A better understanding is achieved by showing good examples of road position and various situations to negotiate. As a result, a methodical training plan can be adopted where better learning take place.

Learner riders will have better knowledge and know what they have to do because the CBT diagrams help them visualise different riding situations and hazards that can be encountered.

It is advised to use a display folder for the CBT Diagrams as this allows instructors to use dry-wipe marker pens to draw on the diagram. This way instructors can demonstrate visually and interact better with students, wiping the diagram clean after use ready for next time.

This is an extremely useful training aid when showing students what they are actually doing as well as what they should be doing. The CBT Element E training diagrams have been designed to be used in conjunction with CBT lesson plans.

The following lessons have been used to craft the diagrams. Compulsory Basic Training can be demanding for learner riders, therefore having a ready-made set of professional diagrams will help during the road ride element of the course.

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