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CBT Element C Cone Layouts


This CBT resource has a diagram layout for each lesson to be taught during on-site training in Element C.

It highlights ideal cone layout and gives a methodical structured approach to each practical lesson.

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The CBT Element C Cone Layouts are ideal for new instructors. This diagram set gives a guide to the course layout for each of the lessons to be conducted in Element C of the CBT.

The diagram set also give a brief bullet-pointed guide to the lesson format, which helps to keep instructors on track and aware of the next stage of each lesson. The CBT Element C Cone Layouts should be used in conjunction with the CBT Lesson Plans. This helps instructors to deliver the necessary advice during each lesson, especially when preparing for the DVSA CBT Assessment.

The diagrams are essential for new instructors who are just starting their role as a trainer. They give a clear and defined cone layout that can be used when training. The cone layout can be changed to suit the environment and site size.

Providing a professional image the CBT Element C Cone Layouts help instructors to have a structured planned approach to lesson delivery. This also instils confidence in students as they will see that they are in safe hands when they see their instructor using good training techniques.

The CBT On-site cone layouts are for the following exercise during the on site training inn Element C of the Compulsory Basic Training course.

Element C


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