Motorcycling Training and COVID 19

At the time of writing, the guidelines remain the same. Only train key, critical or essential workers fighting against the Coronavirus.

As the slow lifting of the lockdown continues, more and more people are turning their movement away from public transport and onto two wheels. This is to stay away from any social gatherings and to have a safe means of travelling to work and beyond.

The Wind in Your Hair

There is nothing better than feeling the freedom of the wind in your hair and the freedom of how you travel. The freedom of not being reliant on public services, waiting at bus stops or train stations only to find out the next one is not arriving. The freedom of not being late for work because the traffic was too congested and you may have been quicker walking.

It is now time for riders to switch to safer means of getting around. This week the MCIA has launched, along with its stakeholders a brand new campaign to get people on two wheels. Love them or loath them, this is hopefully the kick start for the motorcycle industry to have a bumper year. Those who embrace change will often see the fruits and rewards of change, while those looking at the past often struggle and complain.

Embracing Change

Out of a negative there is always a positive, will the training industry come back stronger or will it revert to the old routines. Many ATB owners have embraced change, they have reorganised their business, they have looked at their customer journey and they have made changes. Some have sat and waited for things to go back to normal, this thing is, what is going to be the new normal!

Outdated pricing

Outdated pricing has meant many have struggled through the last few months, many have not been able to access grants or other funding. This has been for a number of reasons but on a whole, businesses do not have a strong footing and the cashflow to survive a crisis. This needs to change if the industry is going to change, prices must be comparable to other professions in order to survive and not just exist.

A New Vision

There is a new vision for life on two wheels, embrace the change and encourage people onto the safest means of transport. Now the industry needs to make a big deal out of social distancing and the benefits of life on two wheels. Encourage customers to use local bike bike shops or online outlets arrive prepared for training, encourage learner riders to take motorcycle tests and keep them for longer in the training environment.

By maintaining customers for longer periods ATB’s have a stronger future, it aids cashflow, it helps pay staff and  instructors. It means the ATB can invest in the business and not live week to week, it means contingency planning for the rainy day, it puts funds in the bank for winter and it means that for any issues in the future with COVID 19, we are ready to ride the next storm.

Prices must increase for ATB’s to survive. For every ATB owner – the business must thrive and not just survive