The Full Package – CBT Instructor Resources

Watch a CBT in your own time

The Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) online training videos were designed for military personnel but over the years have become very popular for instructors who are just getting started.

The main reason the videos are so popular is that new trainers don’t have to stand in a freezing cold/ boiling hot/ soaking wet car park week after week, watching Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) being conducted. It can also be difficult for trainee instructors to retain and recall all the information that has been delivered to learner riders.

Watch it when you want

A new instructor usually watches Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) from start to finish during the day. The delivery can change from one student to another and it can become very time consuming to attend one CBT Course per week. The best thing about the online video program is that trainee instructors can go straight to the video they want to see and watch it over and over again while they prepare their own individual lesson plan.

Lesson Plans

Watch, pause, rewind and play

The advantage of lesson planning like this eliminates hours of time watching a full CBT when trainee instructors are just starting out. Say for instance, Element B is being worked on ready to deliver, the lessons will only be delivered once in the first hour of the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Course. Being able to watch, pause, rewind and replay gives the ideal situation of creating a lesson in the comfort of your own home. It also means that trainee instructors can prepare any lesson at any time without attending CBT Courses once a week.

It’s all in the plan with Motorcycle Instructor Training Resources

Together with the online video program, there is a full set of lesson plans for every lesson that is conducted throughout a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Course. Lesson plans are the route to teach each lesson and it gives the instructor a written route through the lesson that they are going to teach.

It always amazes me how many instructors do not have lesson plans, methodical or logical notes on the lessons that they are teaching to learner riders!

Where to start?

It can be extremely daunting and time-consuming to prepare lesson plans from scratch, especially if trainee instructors do not have prior knowledge. If they have never taught before or had to produce a plan and procedure to teach, they can feel like they are in the dark. It can be very frustrating learning to teach a specific lesson, especially attending once a week or once every two weeks.

Teaching Methods

Guidance and Support

Trainee instructors are sometimes expected to give up many hours of their own time to watch Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Courses being delivered. In my opinion, they are showing commitment but not getting much in return. Although watching a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Course being done gives the foundations, trainee instructors need guidance and help to understand what to teach, how to teach and when to give advice.

Clear explanation

To fully understand teaching methods, trainee instructors must be taught the basics of teaching methods and delivery. Giving good, precise and clear explanations is key to lesson planning. Then with the use of demonstrations to show what standard is expected, learner riders will know what is expected of them.

Fault analysis and remedial advice

The next phases of training are fault analysis and giving remedial advice before a practice phase to finish off. All of this takes time, but if trainee instructors are just watching Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Courses being delivered, they don’t always get the training they need to conduct courses themselves. Just having a go, is not good enough for learner riders or trainee instructors.

Training diagrams for Element C and E

Finally, this complete package has bespoke lesson diagrams for every lesson in Element C and E. This means that instructors can give visual representation to learner riders. Either during the off-road session to ensure learner riders know what to do. Or when on-road training, the diagrams can be used to discuss junctions, roundabouts and other lessons in the syllabus.

Motorcycle Instructor Training Resources. Make sure you’re ready when you book your DVSA assessment at Chadderton.


Learner riders should always be encouraged to do home study when learning to ride. Motorcycle Riders Hub is an online training platform for all riders.