Become a motorcycle instructor

There are a few opinions on the best way to become a motorcycle instructor. The one way that stands out as being one route in is possibly the worst one of all and that is to turn up week in, week out, and watch another instructor teaching a CBT. Eventually you might be given ‘a go’ at teaching live (real customers) students to practice your lacking teaching skills.

It doesn’t take much brain power to work out that watching someone else teaching, is not being taught to be an instructor. In fact watching them teach and then having an opportunity to deliver your own version can be extremely dangerous for a new rider. It also makes you look stupid and incapable if you get it wrong and mess it up. It is one of the reasons the motorcycle industry is so backward in the way trainer become qualified and are able to teach new and inexperienced riders.

Having a qualified instructor correct your mistakes in front of customers is undermining and unprofessional too. This method of learning and teaching has often put prospective instructor’s off and as a result they have left the industry. They could have been an asset to the business (Approved Training Body – ATB) but instead, by having poor initial guidance they were put off and decided not to continue. Sadly this is common place where new trainers become demoralised by not having a structured land approach to their development.

A better way to be trained to be an instructor

A good route into the world of motorcycle training, is to have lesson plans and a thorough and robust training plan. This means there should be an opportunity to watch a few CBT Courses and then be taught how to put lesson plans together. Once lesson plans are being formed, teaching methods and training delivery must be next on the agenda. This will help a new trainer to develop over a period of time by concentrating on one section at a time.

Training by watching others only means you are learning by an old saying – monkey see, monkey do. This does not prepare you as a new trainer at all. There should be many hours of home study, lots of research and a chance to deliver your lessons to a qualified instructor first. This should be done well before you are let loose to train live students who are paying customers.

By practicing lesson delivery to a qualified instructor, it allows you to create your own bespoke lesson plan. This then becomes the way you will deliver lessons to real trainees. It also gives you a good base and foundation to ensure you don’t miss anything out. Your lesson delivery must be direct, straight to the point, unambiguous and easy to follow.

Development is key

There are many ways to develop, trainee instructors just need the right development path with the right training school to become qualified to teach. Just because you can ride, does not mean you can teach. New instructors should be restricted to teaching just one student at a time until they find their feet. Unfortunately new trainers are looked at as making money and are loaded up with w number of new learner riders. I personally consider this to be the best recipe for disaster, the newest trainer with the least experience, teaching up to four new riders also with no experience.

Is it any wonder that there are so many motorcycle accidents for novice riders who ride on L Plates! Learner riders should be given home study before they arrive for practical motorcycle training.

Written by Simon Hayes