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DAS Instructor

HOW to become a great DAS Instructor

DAS Instructor Training

You must have passed the DVSA CBT assessment before you can become a DAS Instructor.

You must be able to demonstrate your ability to teach learner riders on larger motorcycles. Having the right tools in your toolbox will give you a professional look and a high chance of success.

Training learner riders on bigger bikes means you have the fully package as a motorcycle instructor.

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Be Prepared - Be the best

Lesson Plans are essential for lesson delivery, a structured planned approach to training is key to your success. Training diagrams will hone your presentation skills, your students to learn quicker and become better riders. No more scratching around for shabby bits of paper trying to explain complex situations

The Three Phases of the DAS Assessment

It is important that you are fully and properly prepared to undertake the half day DAS assessment.

Having a Lesson Plan for delivering the introduction to the larger machine will help you to understand the differences that need to be explained and discussed. 

Your teaching skills to develop riders on larger motorcycles must be practiced and polished and you must know and understand the DAS Lessons that need to be taught during the road ride session.

You Need to Know

How to introduce learner riders to the larger machine

How to developing off-road riding skills in a safe environment

How to deliver three pre-selected lessons during the on-road riding session

Lesson Planning and Training Aid Delivery

You Need a Full Understanding

You should know how to create and prepare Lesson Plans. Each lesson in the DAS syllabus must have a defined lesson plan and a route from start to finish so that students receive all the information they need.

Using the EDIP method of delivery for a skills lesson is imperative to high level education and teaching methods.

DAS training diagrams Motorcycle Instructor Training

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

When delivering any lesson, a Training Diagram is the most effective way to demonstrate what is required. Visualising situations is a perfect way to deliver new topics.

It creates a talking point and opens dialogue, it encourages students to participate and reason out the answer during discussion and training.

How do You Come Across to Students

Pitched at the right level

You are expected to be fully prepared and give instruction that is pitched at the correct level to the learner riders on larger machines.
(role-play with an examiner/assessor)

Client Centred Learning

You must demonstrate a good training manner with a Client Centred Learning approach.
This will ensure your lessons are delivered articulately and without confusion.

Qualification Process



- Must have completed the DVSA CBT assessment
- Undergo some DAS Instructor training
- Pass the half-day DVSA assessment

Assessment Process

- Explain the differences between smaller and larger motorcycles
- Conduct on-site training. Identify faults and give remedial advice
- Deliver three lessons during On-Road Training

Who You Can Train When Qualified

- As per DVSA assessed instructor certificate
- Open your own training school
- Train learner riders on larger powered motorcycles
- Down Train other instructors