Briefing Pack (MOTORCYCLE SECTOR) England Only

We will provide further updates on Scotland & Wales subject to local restrictions

DVSA Resumption of motorcycle tests


DVSA Resumption of motorcycle tests – The Coronavirus pandemic has been an unprecedented challenge, resulting in many changes to our way of life. In March we took the difficult decision to suspend most of DVSA services in line with government guidance. Our priority over the past three months has been to keep people safe, whilst still providing a critical worker testing service to support the national emergency response. I do not underestimate the significant challenges this has placed upon businesses and supporting learner riders.

As we head into a period where the restrictions placed on all of us are beginning to change, I am now in a position to be able to announce further details on our plans for resuming DVSA driver services. We have worked closely with MCIA & DIA to gather feedback from the frontline, develop new operating procedures and up to date guidance. I am grateful for stakeholders important and professional contribution to this work during what I know is a difficult time.

With approval from Public Health England, Department for Transport and other government departments, I am pleased to publish this EMBARGOED Stakeholder Briefing Pack. This briefing provides details of our plans, key dates and information on how DVSA will manage our phased return to service. I will continue to review how we are progressing with this challenging task, and I sincerely thank you for your continued support.

Key Dates

25th June

Confirmation to the House of Commons, public announcements and communications of timeline as detailed in this pack.

4th July

Driver & rider instructors can return to work and are able to instruct anyone (not just critical workers). Rider CBT can resume. Theory test resumes service at all test centres in England. ADI Part 1 & Enhanced Rider Scheme Trainer test, will also restart on 4 July.

6th July

All DVSA Driving Examiners that are able (subject to health and caring considerations) return to work to deliver emergency tests to critical workers. Focus during this phase is the current list of critical workers.
Trainer booker system reopens for motorcycle and vocational tests, the earliest bookable slot being 13th July.

13th July

Motorcycle tests booked through the trainer booker system begin.

The public booking system will remain closed until further notice

Further to extensive discussions with Public Health England and other government departments, we are pleased to confirm ATBs may return to work, to instruct anyone (not just critical workers) on the 4th July.

DVSA Resumption of motorcycle tests

DVSA has worked closely with MCIA & DIA to develop guidance, which is freely available on the MCIA and DIA public website. This guidance should be read alongside ‘Working safely during Coronavirus’ guidance available on, which includes risk assessment and wider considerations.

Instructors are responsible for ensuring their services remain safe. Guidance on how instructors can undertake risk assessments can be found on the HSE’s website. We share our SOPs with you in case you wish to refer to them when providing guidance to your members on developing their own health and safety procedures. We know you have previously produced useful guidance for your members, we are eager to link and signpost to your webpages. We request you refer to our updated SOPs to review your guidance and prepare to update websites tomorrow to coincide with our public communications.

DVSA SOPs will be sent directly to stakeholders and hosted on

Theory test centres in England will resume service on 4th July, alongside ADI Part 1 and Enhanced Rider Scheme Trainer tests. There may be a small number of appointments which will need to be rescheduled to accommodate social distancing.

Critical workers

We are still prioritising tests for critical workers across Great Britain who can apply for an emergency test through the online service. In Scotland & Wales the Theory Test is only available to critical workers applying through the online service.

As the health and safety of all staff and customers is key, we’ve worked hard to ensure the correct social distancing measures are in place at all test centres to help minimise any risks. These measures include:

  • tape on floors, workstations and chairs to keep candidates two metres apart
  • extra cleaning of the test centres and commonly used devices
  • protective transparent screens at admission desks
  • providing candidates with hand sanitiser at the test centre
  • cleaning workstations before each test

Candidates will be encouraged to wear a face covering but will need to remove it briefly to verify their ID. Pearson VUE will be supplying staff with face coverings and gloves.

DVSA Resumption of motorcycle tests

Practical Tests

Working patterns

To help us to apply social distance measures we have had to change our examiners’ programmes. They will also have different working patterns so we can allow time between tests to help us avoid too many people gathering (crowding) in the car park. Test times may be different to what you are used to – please check carefully. Ask your members not to arrive more than 5 minutes early.

Test centres

We will be unable to reopen all test centres. This will vary on a site by site basis. We want to make sure each location is safe having been closed for a significant time. We’ll share a list of all the affected test centres separately.

Key changes

In line with Public Health England and HSE guidance, we are introducing the following changes:

Waiting room & facilities

Due to social distancing measures we will be unable to open our test centre waiting rooms and toilets. Toilet facilities will only be available in exceptional circumstances for those with a disability, medical condition or pregnancy. We ask candidates to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the test. The meet and greet will be conducted in the car park.


The candidate must fit their own earpiece which should be provided by the candidate.

If the candidate does not have a compatible earpiece one will be provided by the examiner. This will be an unused (new) earpiece, which the candidate will keep and take away with them.

Face coverings

Examiners will wash their hands and put a face covering on before leaving the office.

This may be a neck tube often worn by motorcyclists so long as it covers the mouth and nose.

Further details are available in the Coronavirus (COVID-19): conducting driving tests (Motorcycle Mod 1 & Mod 2)

Key changes

In line with Public Health England and HSE guidance, we are introducing the following changes:

Test & Trace

Candidate participation in the NHS Test & Trace initiative is a requirement for taking a practical test.

The examiner will ask the candidate; “Can you confirm that you are taking part in the Government test and trace or similar national initiative and that you are happy for your details to be passed to the relevant tracing authority if needed for Covid-19 tracing purposes.”

Should the candidate not be taking part in the test and trace initiative the test cannot go ahead.

Current adjustments continue

  • If the candidate comes to the test with clear symptoms the test will not go ahead.
  • If the candidate becomes unwell or starts to cough continuously during the test, the test will be stopped.

Candidate Experience

A dedicated page will be published on providing guidance for candidates and instructors on what to expect when they attend theory tests and driving tests. This page will summarise booking their test, social distancing measures, mandatory requirements (such as wearing a face covering) and not to attend if they have symptoms or self-isolating.

This page also assures candidates that they can reschedule or cancel free of charge, even at short notice (within 3 days or on the day).

DVSA Resumption Of Driver Services

Once again we thank you for your support, insight and contribution to these plans, during this unprecedented national emergency. If you have any further enquiries, please contact: or

DVSA Resumption of motorcycle tests

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