DVSA Cardington Assessed

CBT Motorcycle Instructor


DVSA Cardington Assessed CBT Motorcycle Instructor. Pass the two-day assessment at the DVSA Training Academy in Cardington, Bedford, MK44 3EQ.


  1. Deliver selected lessons from Elements A-E
  2. Demonstrate how to develop and down train another instructor


  • Learners on mopeds and motorcycles up to 125cc
  • CBT and On-Road Training in preparation for the A1 motorcycle test on smaller powered motorcycles
  • Qualified to Down-Train other motorcycle instructors
DVSA Cardington Assessed CBT Motorcycle Instructor


Routes to becoming a CBT Instructor

There are different routes to becoming a DVSA Cardington Assessed CBT Motorcycle Instructor. The usual way is for an instructor to work for an ATB for a period of time. This allows them to gain valuable knowledge and experience. When ready, they book a course and attend the two-day assessment at the DVSA Training Academy.

Being fully prepared is essential for instructors to put themselves through this process. The pass rate is not very high as many trainers attend unprepared. A lack of experience also increases the likelihood of an unsuccessful attempt. Instructors should have a thorough personal training plan, in order to prepare for this assessment.

Preparation is key. Potential instructors are advised to have lesson plans and diagrams for every lesson in the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) syllabus. This takes time to develop and should be done whilst training to become an instructor. There is a higher risk of failure if trainers have limited knowledge or experience.

Train the trainer

The other way to ensure a successful conclusion is to fully understand how to train other trainers. This means guiding them to a position where they can deliver a CBT as a Down-Trained instructor.

Teaching other trainers how to teach is a completely different skill. Role-play and practice are imperative to develop another instructors ability. Trainers must know the subject matter and have a thorough understanding of different methods of teaching.

It is not an easy process. Instructors must understand methods of instruction before training others. Different ways of delivering lessons during a CBT are:

  1. Classroom based theory sessions
  2. Teaching practical skills during on-site training
  3. Giving instruction by radio, during practical on-road riding

DVSA Cardington Assessed CBT Motorcycle Instructor Training.


NB: After successfully completing this assessment, Instructors can open their own Motorcycle Training School (Approved Training Body). Trainers must complete the Direct Access Scheme (DAS) assessment, before they can train learner riders on larger machines.