Direct Access Scheme Instructor

DAS Instructor Training

Be Prepared

Prior to taking the Direct Access Scheme Instructor Course, instructors must have passed the DVSA two day CBT assessment.

Once this has been achieved, instructors can book and attend the DAS assessment. Trainers must be able to demonstrate their ability to teach riders on larger motorcycles.

Direct Access Scheme Instructor

The Three Phases

It is important to be fully prepared to undertake the half day assessment. There are three phases to the assessment:

  1. Firstly, introducing a larger machine
  2. Secondly, developing skills in an off-road environment
  3. Finally, delivering three pre-selected lessons during the on-road riding session.

Lesson Planning and Delivery

Instructors should have Lesson Plans for each Direct Access Scheme lesson to fully understand what and how they are going to deliver all lessons. A good portfolio of lesson plans and training diagrams will help trainers deliver the on-road session.

It is important to engage with customers and bear in mind, a picture paints a thousand words. This will help the student to visualise certain scenarios and gives the instructor a structured, planned approach to their training delivery.

Client-centred Training

Instructors will be expected to be fully prepared and give instruction that is pitched at the correct level to the student (role-play with an examiner/assessor).

A good training manner with a client-centred learning approach will ensure lessons are delivered articulately and without confusion.


There are a number of Direct Access Scheme (DAS) training resources in the MITC shop. Choose the lesson plans or training diagrams and display folder to be thoroughly prepared.

Your Route to Qualification


  • Direct Access Scheme Instructor Course
  • Pass the half day DVSA assessment

Assessment Process

  • Introduction to the motorcycle. Explain the differences between smaller and larger machines
  • Conduct on-site training. Identify faults and give remedial advice
  • Deliver three lessons during On-Road Training

Who You Can Train When Qualified

  • As per previous instructor certificates
  • Learner riders on larger powered motorcycles
  • Down Train other instructors