Direct Access Scheme (DAS)

Direct Access Scheme (DAS) Training Diagrams for Motorcycle Instructors

To date, there hasn’t been a significant training resource or training program for instructors to attend Chadderton for their Direct Access Scheme (DAS Training Diagrams) assessment.

Over the years

I have prepared many instructors to undertake personal development. I have guided them to improve their instructional skills, in order to give their students a better training program. In many instances, they have not had sufficient resources to give thorough instruction to students.

In many cases, trainers have used scrappy bits of paper to try and draw pictures to get their point across. Direct Access Scheme (DAS) Trainers I have coached have tried to explain and get their student to imaging scenarios that have previously taken place. In some instances referring back to an incident 30 minutes ago and expecting students to remember what they did or didn’t do.

This type of cognitive training is reactive to situations and not always good for students who learn visually. In skill-enhancing lessons, a picture paints a thousand words or more. A drawing of certain situations helps to develop skills and knowledge, with a clear and precise explanation students are much better prepared and have less stress.

The Aim of the Motorcycle Instructor – DAS Training Diagrams

It should be every trainer’s aim to help the student learn and understand what is expected of them. And to then practise until they are proficient. Learner riders should not learn new skills by explanation alone. There are many methods to use that will create the best learning environment.

Get ready for Chadderton

Having a ready-made set of Direct Access Scheme (DAS) Training Diagrams that covers every single Direct Access Scheme (DAS) lesson is ideal for DAS motorcycle instructors. Especially those who may be attending Cardington for their DAS assessment. Or they can be used by existing trainers who do not have any resources to hand. This will help their students in their learning process.


Motorcycle Instructor – DAS Training Diagrams. New rider should always be advised to do home study when learning to ride a motorcycle. Motorcycle Riders Hub is an online training resource for learner riders to learn at home and have a higher induction level for practical training.

Written by Simon Hayes