Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Lesson Plans

Motorcycle Instructors should use their Compulsory Basic Training Lesson Plans to guide them through lesson delivery. They are individual to the trainer and are a methodical route through each lesson.

Motorcycle Instructors should have an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. They can obtain this in a number of ways; attending courses that deliver the same information over and over again, read many different books to learn about the subject or take the time to immerse themselves in a training environment regularly.

Education & Coaching

Receiving good education and coaching is an ideal way to learn the content of each lesson. It also helps when trainee instructors can see the lesson being delivered a number of times. This sets the required standard and gives practical, visual knowledge that can be recalled and used when developing Compulsory Basic Training Lesson Plans.

Trainers should make notes while undergoing Instructor training and observing CBT lessons. This will help them develop their own Compulsory Basic Training Lesson Plans. If they have spent time with different Instructor’s, they will have recorded differences and variations in subject matter and delivery techniques.

Dropped in at the deep end

Developing Compulsory Basic Training Lesson Plans from scratch requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Many Trainers are often dropped in at the deep end, by watching a few lesson deliveries and are then asked to train new riders! This can show gaps in the Instructor’s teaching methods and does nothing for the Instructor and the student’s confidence! Especially if the lesson delivery is not very good.

Benefits of Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Lesson Plans

A much better way is to develop a good lesson plan by referring to notes, using literature produced by the DVSA and other resources. Ensuring Trainee Instructors learn and understand what needs to be delivered in each lesson. Trainers should also understand how students learn and think, what training methods should be used during the lesson and how to coach individual students. Understanding Methods of Instruction is vital to developing a solid foundation of teaching skills.

Stages of a Lesson Plan

A Lesson Plan will guide a Trainer through each section of the lesson. At the beginning, it might start with questions put to the student, to ascertain their learning level. Followed by a thorough explanation of what is going to happen and why. Then if required, demonstrations of the exercise can be shown. After this, the student will need to develop their own practical skills. They will then have the time to mimic what was demonstrated, with fault analysis and remedial advice given by the Trainer, to rectify any faults. Once a satisfactory standard is reached, a practice session can take place to set the skill (standard) before moving onto a final debrief.

Bespoke Training Program

In my opinion, Trainee Instructor’s should undergo a bespoke training program that is lead by fully qualified Instructors. All methods of delivery should be taught, along with in depth guidance to lessons and subject matter. It is so important to have the best start with a solid foundation. Learning as you go is not a safe way for either the student or a new Instructor. Compulsory Basic Training Lesson Plans are the foundation to success.

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Lesson Plans help motorcycle instructor to improve their training delivery.