For Instructors Just Starting Out

CBT motorcycle instructors who are just starting out face a long journey to become a fully qualified and confident trainer. There are many lessons that they have to learn, understand and deliver. Lessons should be delivered to their mentor or coach first, before being delivered to paying customers. The CBT Instructor Training Package is perfect for all trainers.

Vulnerable Road Users

It is not fair on new trainers if they are dropped in the deep end to muddle their way through a CBT Course. Learner riders are the most vulnerable road users, who are being taught by the most inexperienced trainers. This could be a recipe for disaster if new trainers are allowed to teach learner prematurely.

A Helpful Set of Plans

Having a full set of lesson plans is an ideal way to start the learning process. The process has to start by seeing what is going on during a CBT Course and then understanding how to deliver instruction. Once this process is known, trainers must go about learning how to deliver each lesson within the CBT Course syllabus.

Hours of lesson planning is necessary, this is to put on paper what needs to be delivered during a lesson. This will give new trainers a good foundation to work from. The lesson delivery will change with time, this is because as trainers become more experienced they will change some of the lesson content in line with student needs.

Instructor development is imperative

Once lesson planning is complete, new trainers need to practice lesson delivery. They can do this in a number of ways:

  • Learning their lesson parrot fashion
  • Practising the delivery to themselves
  • Presenting to other people for practice
  • Delivering to an experienced trainer to test their delivery ability

This is important to development and to ensure the delivery is improving, giving the correct instruction.

When delivering practical training most students learn by discussion and seeing visual aids. This can be done by demonstrations, or by using training diagrams to show accurate negotiation of hazards.

Whilst conducting a CBT Course on the training area, students may develop much quicker by understanding the cone layout. They should know this prior to a demonstration or practice phase. A well presented set of diagrams will give clear and precise guidance.

Road ride guidance

During the road ride, it is imperative that students understand how to deal with a number of different hazards. Learning to ride a motorcycle is a very difficult skill.

Students who have little or no road experience will need to have drawings and diagrams to refer to. This will ensure they can visualise what they should do before they continue on to the road and practice their skills.

On the Compulsory Basic Training Course road ride, they will undoubtedly require further instruction when their skill level is still low. This is where roadside debriefs can be carried out with the use of visual aids in the form of lesson diagrams.


Al learner riders should be guided to research and revise using hoe study whilst getting ready for their motorcycle test.