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The New ATB Owner

It can be a lonely and daunting place as a new business owner.
You may be a great instructor but have you got the necessary skills to run the business?

A Process of Research & Development

Unfortunately not every ATB owner has gone through the best preparation to start a new ATB. In many cases, they just want to get going as soon as possible and start earning money.

There is nothing wrong with earning money from your passion but you should go through a process of research and development first


Have A Plan To Get There

There are many things to consider when starting a business.

A business plan and business model are high on the agenda before thinking about the future. What are you after from your business, how do you want it to progress and what do you want it to look like as a short, medium and long term.

What bikes do you need and where will you get them from?

If they have faults and need to be repaired, who will work on them! This needs to be answered as it must be a fully qualified mechanic as you are putting paying customers on motorcycles.

Where will your bikes be maintained?

Where will the bikes be fixed, serviced, inspected and have the MOT carried out? Who is going to keep an eye on the service intervals and keep a track of all the legal requirements, along with tax and insurance?

Who is responsible for the administration of the business?

Who is going to take the calls, the payments and book the motorcycle tests? Who will go to the bank and organise the bookkeeping. The day to day office administration is an onerous task and one that cannot be done properly at the end of a long training day.

Prioritise your list

There are many things that must be considered. They must be prioritised and sorted into a timeframe that works for you and the business needs.

Do not rush into anything and have to undo things you’ve done at a later stage, doing things in the wrong order can be a timely mistake.

You will be busy training customers, cleaning the bikes, sorting out radios, maintaining training records, replying to calls, sorting out insurance, sorting out bike problems, looking after the training site and so on.

It all may seem so overwhelming when you are on your own, but there is help at hand.

Simon Hayes

Business Owner

Here To Help You

A Business Mentor

I have been a business mentor for many Instructors and a number of ATB Owners over the years. 

Having a bouncing board and a shoulder to lean on really does take some of that stress and anxiety away.

I have added a couple of initial steps of guidance below that I suggest would be a great addition to any small business that is just starting out.

Federation of Small Businesses

The reason you should join them is that they give you help and support in many ways. The obvious help is for any legal advice as you get free access to initial consultations when you need legal help. And if you ever get a tax investigation they will support you through that process.

Driving Instructor Association

The main reason to join is to be part of a bigger organisation that speaks on your behalf. The other significant reason is to ensure you have adequate cover for Professional Indemnity. Something that all trainers must have in place to protect them against customer legal action in the event of anything going wrong.

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You will need to know how to structure your business from customer experience to delivering robust training programs.

Are you adequately covered with your current insurance plan?

Have you worked from a business plan with a profit and loss forecast to keep you on track?

Know how to improve things that are going wrong, like employing or taking on new instructors.

many other areas to think about

Don't waste time with trial and error.

A bit of help and support will help you get there

Do you know that you need to make changes but get bogged down in other things and do not make the changes that will make a difference? People are good at burying their head in the sand and hoping it will all go away, unfortunately it won’t and it only gets worse the longer you leave it!


If you need help and support, I will be delighted to help you. There are a limited number of vacancies for the mentorship program, this is so that I can help you properly. For an exploratory no obligation call, use the form below to get in touch and I will be happy to discuss your needs.

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